Opening an Account in Intesa SanPaolo Italy

Opening an Account in Intesa SanPaolo ItalyTo open a bank account in Banca Intesa SanPaolo in Italy, it is necessary to book an appointment online, by telephone or in person in one of the bank’s branches. Italian citizens and residents need to provide their identity card and internal revenue code (codice fiscale) details.The account opening process takes about half an hour and is free of charge. For non-residents it is also possible to open an account in Itesa SanPaolo, provided they have a valid passport and codice fiscale (IRC).

It offers two options of bank account: Conto Corrente Facile (Easy Bank Account) and Conto Corrente di Base (Basic Bank Account).

Conto Corrente Facile

Easy Bank Account suits people that have a certain set of services and products, which is necessary to be managed every month. These services and products are included in the bank account contract: the first part of the contract presents the list of the services and products chosen by the applicant, and the second part of it consists of the terms and conditions of the bank itself.

The monthly fee of € 4.0 for this type of account includes:

  1. Receipt of income or pension
  2. Utility payments
  3. Unlimited amount of check books
  4. Online and mobile banking
  5. An ATM card

For young people from 18 to 26 years old, the Esasy Bank Account service is free of charge. For 65+ years old people the monthly service fee is reduced to € 1.5, provided they have connected two or more products or services from the above mentioned list to their bank account.

The following types of cards are available for Easy Bank Account holders:

  • ATM card: free of charge.
  • NextCard: monthly fee of € 1.0 (annual fee of € 12.0).
  • Blue Card: monthly fee of € 2.5 (annual fee of € 30.0), monthly fee of € 1.5 for each combined and additional cards (annual fee of € 18.0).
  • Intesa Sanpaolo Alitalia Card: monthly fee of € 6.0 (annual fee of € 72.0), monthly fee of € 2.0 for a combined card (annual fee € 24.0). The fee for the second and subsequent years is discounted by 50% if in the previous calendar year transactions carried out were of an amount equal to or greater than € 7,200.
  • Golden Card: monthly fee of € 6.0 (annual fee of € 72.0), monthly fee of € 1.5 for a combined card (annual fee of € 18.0).
  • Platinum Card: monthly fee of € 10.0 (annual fee of € 120.0), monthly fee of € 5.0 for a combined card (annual fee of € 60.0)

Conto Corrente Di Base

Basic Bank Account allows transactions of only up to € 1,500 net per month or up to € 18,000 net per annum. Customers that hold another account type of account, prepaid Superflash card, retirement fund or savings, are not eligible to open Basic Account. The account service for this package is € 30.0 per annum. For customers whose annual income is less than € 8,000, Basic Bank Account service is free of charge.

The account includes an ATM card, online and mobile banking, utility payment and transactions through the Western Union.

The account allows operations limited to:

  1. Cash withdrawal in branches and at ATM of Itesa SanPaolo Italy
  2. Cash deposits and checks in branches and at ATM of Itesa SanPaolo Italy
  3. National or SEPA Area debit transactions
  4. Sending and receiving subsidies

The number of transactions, sent or received subsidies and bank’s ATM withdrawals are unlimited. Withdrawals from other Italian ATMs are limited to 12.

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