Getting a Credit Card at the Intesa Bank in Italy

An Intesa Sanpaolo credit card is relatively easy to apply for, but you will need to know which one is right for you. There are several credit cards available, so make sure you choose the one which is right for you.
Carta Super Flash

Carta SuperflashIf you are looking for a reloadable pre-paid card in Italy or beyond then Super Flash is the ideal option designed for young people, seasonal workers or students. You’ll need to credit in your wages and be between 18 and 26 years old.

Once the card is active, you can make and receive transfers, recharge your mobile phone, purchase and withdraw cash in Italy and abroad. The card has no annual fee.

Carta Flash Expo

Carta Flash ExpoFlash Expo Card (Carta Flash Expo) is the rechargeable prepaid card commissioned by Intesa Sanpaolo as it is the official Global Partner of Expo Milano 2015. You can pre-pay an entrance to Expo Milano 2015 and enjoy the exclusive benefits reserved to owners.

Use the Flash Expo Card to:

  • Pay for purchases in Italy and abroad at participating stores to the circuit shown on the cart
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs (also of other banks) to the chain shown on the card in Italy and abroad
  • Make purchases on the internet sites in high security (thanks to the Safe Payments internet service)
  • Recharge your mobile phone (for the major national carriers) from any authorized ATM in Italy
  • Recharge prepaid cards issued by other banks of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group at ATMs in Italy.

Flash Visa PayWave

Flash Visa PayWaveFlash Visa PayWave is a rechargeable prepaid card that you can use for your purchases, whether they are at the high street or online. Customers can also withdraw cash from ATMs and in-branch.

Flash Visa payWave is designed to:

  • Those without bank account but need to manage their costs
  • Young people who go abroad to study or vacation
  • Those who wish to shop online with high security, without owning a credit card, thanks to the Secure Payments Internet Service.

Carta Pensione

Carta PensionePension Card (Carta Pensione) is the reloadable prepaid card with no bank account. Those over 60 years can have this card free from an annual charge.

Discover how many things you can do with the Pension Card:

  • Get the pension or temporary benefits paid by social security institutions
  • Receive and send wire transfers, in Italy and abroad within the EU (SEPA EU countries plus Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein)
  • Pay utility bills
  • Recharge the mobile phone
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs
  • Check balance and transactions of the card
  • Pay the purchases in stores (displaying the MasterCard logo)
  • Pay the purchases on the internet in safety thanks to the Secure Payments Internet Service
  • Pay motorway tolls in Italy and abroad.

Carta di Debito

Carta di DebitoWith the Intesa Sanpaolo Debit Card (Carta di Debito), you can withdraw cash, make payments and check your balance whenever you want, directly from ATMs if needed.

This type of cards allows you to:

  • Withdraw cash from ATMs under the brand Maestro and Cirrus, both in Italy and abroad
  • Pay in stores participating in the Maestro and PagoBancomat in Italy and abroad
  • Charge mobile phones, prepaid cards and your Mediaset Premium user’s service
  • Check account balances and movements of the current account, when you want, at any ATMs of the bank’s group.

Carta NextCard

NextCardWith NextCard is possible to withdraw cash from the account, pay in Italy, overseas and on the internet, all on one. Plus, you get to choose your PIN and change it whenever you want.

With NextCard you can:

  • Withdraw cash from ATMs, in Italy and abroad
  • Make purchases in stores displaying the MasterCard logo, in Italy and abroad
  • Make payments on the Internet with high security with Secure Payments Internet Service
  • Recharge the mobile phone for major telephone companies and prepaid cards issued by banks of the group.

Carta Libretto

Carta LibrettoIf you want to easily manage your savings account at any time of the day, this card can let you withdraw and deposit cash on your bank account and control movements comfortably from any bank’s ATM. You can request one free of charge at the bank’s branch.

The Carta Libretto can be used in all the ATMs of Intesa Sanpaolo banking group for:

  • Withdraw cash from your savings account
  • Deposit cash directly to your account
  • Pay checks directly to your savings account
  • Check transactions and balance of your savings account.

Carta Intesa Sanpaolo Alitalia

Carta Intesa Sanpaolo AlitaliaThis credit card allows you easier access to the prizes provided by Alitalia MilleMiglia Program plus additional exclusive privileges. To request it, go into your branch office and you will get:

  • 1.5 miles qualifying for every euro spent with the credit card to buy Alitalia tickets
  • 1 mile for every euro spent with the card for any other your purchase
  • 5000 miles to the achievement of the first € 10,000 of annual spending encountered at every new card, made ​​by the credit card holder
  • 2000 miles of Welcome Bonus with the purchase with the credit card.

Carta Blu

Carta BluBlue Card (Carta Blu) is a credit card which is handy and convenient to use at shops and online where the Blue Card sign is displayed.

Blue card allows you to:

  • Pay in all the stores participating in the chain shown on the card, in Italy or abroad
  • Buy securely on the internet thanks to the Secure Interne Payments Service
  • Withdraw cash (“Cash Advances”) at authorized ATMs (also of other banks) in Italy and abroad
  • Recharge the mobile phone with the main operators at ATMs (also of other banks) in Italy
  • Recharge prepaid cards issued by Group banks to ATMs in Italy.

Carta Oro

carta oro intesa sanpaoloGold Card (Carta Oro) is a convenient and flexible credit card, which offers a high degree of safety. It can be used in Italy and abroad to pay for for purchases and to withdraw cash from ATMs.

With Gold Card you can:

  • Pay at all stores participating in the chain with logo shown on the card, in Italy or abroad, even if you require immediate availability to the current account
  • Buy with high security on the internet thanks to the Internet Service Secure Payments
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs enabled (also of other banks) in Italy and abroad
  • Recharge your cell phone (the major telephone operators) from any ATM in Italy
  • Recharge other prepaid cards issued by Intesa Group of banks to ATMs in Italy.

In addition, with Gold Card, you have available an emergency service and immediate access in case of theft or loss of the card (in Italy and abroad).

Carta Platino

Carta PlatinoThe Platinum Card is designed for people who want security and total protection while traveling.
It is an exclusive credit card with a personalised spending limit and dedicated services for travel and leisure.

With Platinum Card you can:

  • Pay at all stores participating in the chain shown on the card, in Italy or abroad, even if you need immediate availability to your current account
  • Buy with confidence thanks to innovative solutions (microchip) to protect you both in shops and on the Internet, using the free Secure Payments service
  • Get cash advances at any authorized ATM in Italy and abroad, at any time
  • Recharge your cell phone and prepaid card.

Secure payments via the Internet

The Internet Service Secure Payments service means you can shop online with a high level of security using credit cards and prepaid cards issued by the Intesa Sanpaolo bank.

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