Getting a Credit Card in Banca Unicredit in Italy

When moving to a new country, one of the most important things that need to be done is opening a bank account and getting a credit card. Each country has their own specific types of cards and financial networks, each of which comes with their own pros and cons.

If you are planning on moving to Italy, one credit card that you should seriously consider are those issued by Banca Unicredit. This is a well-established, trusted company that offers a variety of options in regards credit cards. There are essentially three different choices to pick from when going with the bank: Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Prepaid Cards.

Let’s take a closer look at each type of card to see which best suits your specific needs:

MYPAY LIBERA I TUOI ACQUISTIPerhaps the most common of the options available is the UniCredit debit card (Carta MyPay), as it can be used for a wide variety of purchases, assuming of course that you have money in your bank account to cover them. The big bonus with this card is that you can use it at any of the over 7,700 bank ATM’s without having to pay a fee. There is some cost attached to having this particular card, though, as it comes with a 10 Euro annual fee.

Genius CardIf you want to have money, such as a salary or wire transfer, loaded onto a cart, the Prepaid Card with IBAN (Genius Card) is the way to go. This is a relatively inexpensive card to maintain, as the fees are just 1 Euro per month. Much of the maintenance of the cart can be done online, making it incredibly flexible and efficient. This card can also be used at ATM’s so that you can withdraw the funds that are loaded onto it.

UNICREDITCARD CLICKThe Reloadable prepaid card (Unicredit Click) is perfect for those who do a lot of their transactions over the internet. This card can be loaded over and over again, with the maximum balance set at 5,000 Euros. There is a 10 Euro issuing fee that is charged when you select this prepaid card.


The Flexible credit card (UnicteditCard Flexia Classic) that offers a level of flexibility that few other can match. The credit limit for the card runs between 1,000 and 5,000 Euros, and there are three different ways in which the amount owed can be paid back. You can pay individually for each purchase, pay for monthly charges accrued, or pay in instalments as you would with most other credit card types. The card comes with a 35 Euro annual fee, and can be used all over the world.

UNICREDITCARD FLEXIA GOLDUnicreditCard Flexia Gold comes with a high spending limit and offers a comprehensive package of dedicated banking services.
Features include:

  • Over 30 million affiliated shops and stores worldwide
  • Free service “SMS Alert” that allows detailed monitoring of the most significant transactions with the card
  • Paid service ” Premium SMS ” which involves sending an SMS for all transactions, payments and ATM withdrawals
  • Ability to make recurring payments
  • Cash advances, available from bank branches and ATMs up to € 250.00 per day and € 5,000 per month

UNICREDITCARD FLEXIA CLASSIC ECard Flexia Classic E allows you to contribute to a fund to initiatives and projects of solidarity in favor of people in need. The card comes with the new contactless payment technology.

CARTA BANCOMAT MAESTROMaestro ATM Card is the international debit card with microchip installed.

With Maestro ATM card you can:

  • Withdraw money with no commission from approximately 7,700 UniCredit branches and ATMs
  • Use ATMs of PagoBANCOMAT network also without paying commissions
  • Pay in shops and withdraw money in ATMs labeled with “Maestro”

Genius Card UEFA Champions LeagueGenius Card UEFA Champions League is the rechargeable prepaid card with IBAN dedicated to the great football competition. If you get a Genius Card and spend at least € 100.00 with this card, between 10.12.2014 and 15.03.2015 , you can enter the competition to win 2 tickets to attend the final of the UEFA Champions League 2014/2015 in Berlin!

Genius WWF CardGenius WWF Card is the rechargeable prepaid card with IBAN that allows to contribute to the welfare of nature: the fee incurred for the issuance of your Genius WWF Card,  €5 will be donated to the WWF.

This card allows to:

  • Make purchases in Italy, abroad and on the internet
  • Make and receive wire transfers from bank also via the Internet thanks to IBAN
  • Withdraw from the ATM that accept MasterCard worldwide

UniCreditCard Flexia FirstUniCreditCard Flexia First is the credit card that offers exclusive benefits:

  • Shop anywhere, in Italy and abroad, at the millions of points of acceptance MasterCard or Visa
  • Withdraw funds in Italy and abroad, at banks or ATMs with the MasterCard or Visa logo
  • Make online purchases on all affiliated websites
  • Make recurring payments, e.g. for utilities
  • Obtain cash advances up to € 500.00 per day and € 5,000 per month
  • Pay for fuel supplies, without any additional fees applied
  • Use free SMS Alert service that allows you receive a message in real time to the most significant transactions
  • Automatically participate in MilleGenius Club for free

UniCreditCard Flexia WWF CardUniCreditCard Flexia WWF Card is the credit card designed for your daily needs and to contribute to the welfare of nature: the sums spent with the card will support initiatives in support of the WWF in Italy.
The card also comes with the Contactless Payments technology to make purchases easier and faster.

UNICREDITCARD CLICK UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUEUniCreditCard Click UEFA Champions League is the prepaid card dedicated to the great football competition – the European Champions League.

Features are:

  • Rechargeable up to 5,000 €
  • Accepted in Italy and abroad thanks to the MasterCard network
  • Useful for Internet purchases
  • Instant delivery

Miles & More Gold Credit CardMiles & More Gold Credit Card is the revolving credit card with option that allows you collect miles with the Miles & More program by the Lufthansa Group. The card issued by the bank in partnership with Miles & More, which will let you earn one mile prize for every euro spent on purchases and the activation of the card to receive a Welcome Bonus of 3000 award miles.
Features and benefits of the card:

  • Annual fee discount of 50% for the first year (35€ for the first year, and 70 € for the second)
  • Free annual fee for members of “Senator and HON Circle”
  • No additional fees applied for purchases made abroad
  • 3,000 award miles to the activation of the card
  • 1 miles prize every euro spent using the card

V PAY ATM CardV PAY ATM Card is the international debit card stuffed with a microchip.
The card allows you to:

  • Make purchases at all merchants of the PagoBANCOMAT network in Italy and with the V PAY brand in Italy and Europe
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs of all domestic and international banks of Unicredit network and also at over 4,000 branches of Italian Post
  • Perform self-service payments at ATMs (eg. top-up phone cards)
  • Use the SMS Alert service: to receive a message in real time for some operations of withdrawal and payment

Applying for the cards can either be done online or by making an appointment to meet with a representative from the bank.

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