Credito Emiliano Branches and ATMs in Florence

A list of Credito Emiliano Bank offices and ATMs in Florence (Firenze), Italy with addresses and contacts.

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Firenze Sede
Via Lorenzo il Magnifico 74
Firenze (FI)
Tel 055-47841
Fax 055-496578

ATM Firenze Branch 2
Piazza Goldoni 1, angolo Lungarno A. Vespucci 2
Firenze (FI)
Tel 055-295227
Fax 055-294524

ATM Firenze Branch 3
Via Senese 2 (Angolo Via U. Foscolo)
Firenze (FI)
Tel 055-222538
Fax 055-223019

ATM Firenze Branch 4
Via Edmondo De Amicis 67
Firenze (FI)
Tel 055-674511
Fax 055-671279

ATM Firenze Branch 5
Via Sant’Antonino 9 rosso
Firenze (FI)
Tel 055-2390111
Fax 055-211556

ATM Firenze Branch 6
Viale Europa 125
Firenze (FI)
Tel 055-6584921
Fax 055-6800201

ATM Firenze Branch 7
Via Cavour 72 rosso
Firenze (FI)
Tel 055-289330
Fax 055-289354

ATM Firenze Branch 8
Via Pellicceria 34 rosso
Firenze (FI)
Tel 055-2382125
Fax 055-268421

ATM Firenze Branch 9
Viale Redi 67/a
Firenze (FI)
Tel 055-363140
Fax 055-355659

ATM Firenze Branch 10
Viale A. Volta 102
Firenze (FI)
Tel 055-5001508
Fax 055-561215

Note: This list of Credito Emiliano Branches and ATMs in Florence locations is for informational use only. All addresses, contacts, SWIFT codes and other data are gathered from open sources and re-checking regularly. If you see any inaccuracy here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Credem profile

Credito Emiliano SpA is a financial institution based in Reggio Emilia, which was founded in 1910 under the name of Banca Agricola Commerciale of Reggio Emilia. The current name was adopted in 1983, after the acquisition of the Banca Belinzaghi.

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