Credem Roma

The list of Credito Emiliano (Credem) Roma Bank branches and ATM locations and contacts.

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ATM Roma Sede
Viale G. Rossini 9/11
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-8076274
Fax 06-8076337

ATM Roma Branch 2
Via Del Tritone 97/98
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-4881600
Fax 06-4881668

ATM Roma Branch 3
Via Baldovinetti 70
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-51963615
Fax 06-51963654

ATM evolutoRoma Branch 4
Corso di Francia 184
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-36300644
Fax 06-36303381

ATM Roma Branch 5
Via Tor De’ Schiavi 375
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-2157971
Fax 06-2572915

ATM Roma Branch 6
Via Emanuele Filiberto 148/150
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-70452540
Fax 06-70452552

ATM Roma Branch 8
Via Ostia 48 angolo via Leone IVĀ°
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-39739746
Fax 06-39733680

ATM Roma Branch 9
Via Caio Manilio, 22
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-76900500
Fax 06-76967438

ATM Roma Branch 10
Viale delle Medaglie d’Oro 386-388
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-35403970
Fax 06-35404583

ATM Roma Branch 11
Via Reno 19 angolo Via Adige
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-85305127
Fax 06-8414548

Roma Branch 13
Via Ostiense 12/18
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-57288683
Fax 06-5750357

Roma Branch 14
Circonvallazione Gianicolense 263-265
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-53272187
Fax 06-58200936

Roma Branch 15
Via Flaminia, 693
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-33220844
Fax 06-3339143

Roma Branch 16
Via Quirino Majorana 165
Roma (RM)
Tel 06-55302133
Fax 06-5584695

Note: This list of Credem Roma locations is for informational use only. All addresses, contacts, SWIFT codes and other data are gathered from open sources and re-checking regularly. If you see any inaccuracy here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Credem profile

Credito Emiliano SpA is a financial institution based in Reggio Emilia, which was founded in 1910 under the name of Banca Agricola Commerciale of Reggio Emilia. The current name was adopted in 1983, after the acquisition of the Banca Belinzaghi.

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