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A list of Credito Emiliano / Credem Napoli branches and ATM addresses and contacts.

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ATM Napoli Sede
Via Vittorio Emanuele III 40
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-5470111
Fax 081-5521150

ATM Napoli Branch 2
Via Ferrante Imparato 72/74
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-7520724
Fax 081-5590161

ATM Napoli Branch 3
Via Enrico Alvino 93
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-5783077
Fax 081-5564017

ATM Napoli Branch 5
Via Nuova Poggioreale 1/2/3
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-5535981
Fax 081-260206

ATM Napoli Branch 6
Viale Augusto 34
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-624728
Fax 081-624699

ATM Napoli Branch 7
Via Foria 38
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-296496
Fax 081-294523

ATM evolutoNapoli Branch 8
Via Scarlatti 202
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-5564623
Fax 081-5560685

ATM Napoli Branch 9
Piazza Bovio 31
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-4203092
Fax 081-5519860

ATM Napoli Branch 10
Corso Vittorio Emanuele 487/b
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-5493394
Fax 081-5490606

ATM Napoli Branch 11
Corso Umberto 94/96
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-260407
Fax 081-265496

ATM Napoli Branch 12
Via S.Martini 58/a
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-5792255
Fax 081-5603153

ATM evolutoNapoli Branch 13
Via Giovanni Porzio
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-7879043
Fax 081-7879469

Napoli Branch 14
Via Monte di Dio 85
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-2451057
Fax 081-2451057

ATM Napoli Branch 15
Via Riviera di Chiaia 279
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-7645471
Fax 081-7645314

Napoli Branch 17
Piazza Vanvitelli 10
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-5561880
Fax 081-5582682

ATM Napoli Branch 18
Via Francesco Caracciolo 12/13
Napoli (NA)
Tel 081-2461069
Fax 081-2461636

Note: This list of Credem Napoli locations is for informational use only. All addresses, contacts, SWIFT codes and other data are gathered from open sources and re-checking regularly. If you see any inaccuracy here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Credem profile

Credito Emiliano SpA is a financial institution based in Reggio Emilia, which was founded in 1910 under the name of Banca Agricola Commerciale of Reggio Emilia. The current name was adopted in 1983, after the acquisition of the Banca Belinzaghi.

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