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A list of Credito Emiliano / Credem Milano branch and ATMs locations addresses and contacts.

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Milano Sede
Via Andegari 14
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-88261
Fax 02-8690933

ATM Milano Branch 2
Via Grasselli 19 (ang. Viale Corsica 36)
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-7541150
Fax 02-70102604

ATM Milano Branch 3
Via Rosolino Pilo 19/b (ang. Via Bixio)
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-29517806
Fax 02-29517710

ATM Milano Branch 4
Corso Sempione 20
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-33607191
Fax 02-33106977

ATM Milano Branch 5
Viale Stelvio 41
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-69009300
Fax 02-6070755

ATM Milano Branch 6
Viale Regina Margherita 26
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-5511251
Fax 02-5465566

ATM Milano Branch 7
Via F. Turati 9
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-6590997
Fax 02-6598599

ATM Milano Branch 8
Viale Espinasse 83
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-38002292
Fax 02-33404145

ATM Milano Branch 9
Piazza Melozzo da Forli’ 11
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-4044750
Fax 02-40091586

ATM Milano Branch 11
Via Ripamonti 189
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-5696866
Fax 02-55213394

ATM Milano Branch 12
Corso Monforte 34
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-76025648
Fax 02-76390820

ATM Milano Branch 13
Via Mose’ Bianchi ang. Via Correggio
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-48014828
Fax 02-48015798

ATM Milano Branch 14
Via Mac Mahon 15
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-33100981
Fax 02-33101167

ATM Milano Branch 15
Via Saffi 19 ang. Via Boccaccio
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-4986711
Fax 02-4987806

ATM Milano Branch 16
Via Beatrice d’Este 7
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-58317176
Fax 02-58304309

ATM Milano Branch 17
Viale Tunisia angolo Via Tadino 8
Milano (MI)
Tel 02-29419407
Fax 02-29419506

Note: This list of Credem Milano locations is for informational use only. All addresses, contacts, SWIFT codes and other data are gathered from open sources and re-checking regularly. If you see any inaccuracy here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Credem profile

Credito Emiliano SpA is a financial institution based in Reggio Emilia, which was founded in 1910 under the name of Banca Agricola Commerciale of Reggio Emilia. The current name was adopted in 1983, after the acquisition of the Banca Belinzaghi.